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Orthodontic Retainers in Kokomo | Peru Indiana

Kokomo | Peru Orthodontics retainers

What is a Retainer?

Getting braces is just the first step in the process of attaining your perfect smile. You can run a marathon to get in shape, but the long-term effects come from continuing to work out your muscles. It is the same way with teeth.
After receiving orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign, your orthodontist may recommend the use of a retainer. A retainer is a device worn over the teeth to prevent them from shifting out of position. We offer a number of custom-made devices to maintain your beautiful smile and make the results of your orthodontic treatment last your lifetime.

When Should You Wear a Retainer?

After an orthodontic treatment is finished, it is still important to take care of your teeth to ensure your teeth stay in their correct positions. We recommend wearing retainers every night, but we may advise a unique regimen depending on your particular needs. Our team will take a mold of your teeth to customize a retainer for your mouth. We will also provide clear instructions on when to use the retainer, so you can protect the smile you always wanted and now have.

Benefits of Retainers

Retainers are a form of insurance for your teeth. Teeth will often shift back to their incorrect positions when you stop wearing braces if they are left alone. Retainers ensure that you keep your teeth straight so you don’t have to come back for additional treatment. Building the habit of wearing your retainer will take practice. We recommend using a bright container by your bedside so you don’t forget. It can be hard to consistently wear retainers, but we promise it will significantly decrease the need for a new orthodontic treatment in the future.
Our staff at LADD Orthodontics can help clarify why you will need a retainer. With our friendly advice, you can rest assured knowing your well-earned smile will remain intact.