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Kokomo | Peru IN Orthodontist, Dr. Tara Emerick, DDS, MS

Dr. Emerick
Ladd Orthodontics team
I just got my braces recently and I love them! LADD Orthondontics was very gentle with my mouth, and made my visit fun! I definitely recommend going to Dr. Emerick and the Ladd Ortho team for your orthodontic care.
-Kelly White

Orthodontic care You Can Trust

Here at LADD Orthodontics, we are all about our patients. No one wants to be the person left without a beautiful smile on a big or important day. Orthodontic care is important for your overall health as well as your confidence. We want you to have the most comfortable experience in a reasonable amount of time. Your comfort and quality of life is our highest priority.

Orthodontic Clarity and Understanding

We know it can feel like dentists and orthodontists have their own language. Sometimes other dentists may use extensive jargon and confusing details. At LADD Orthodontics, we have a different approach. Our team provides you with clear explanations, education and easily understandable descriptions. We work hard to get you the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family. We make you feel at ease, so that you never leave our office without a smile.
Kokomo Orthodontist | Peru Orthodontist | Ladd Orthodontics
Kokomo Orthodontics | Peru Orthodontics | Ladd Ortho

Affordable Pricing

Part of going to the orthodontics is the unfortunate reality of the bill at the end of your visit. We know what it’s like to stare uncomfortably at an unwelcome expense. The good news is that we offer affordable pricing that fits within your budget. You’ll get the best care without breaking the bank. Moreover, we work with all major insurance providers to make this process as hassle-free as possible for you.

Comfortable and Welcoming

We’ve trained our entire staff to accommodate your needs. From the time you call our front desk to the time you receive your treatment, we want to ensure you feel at ease with our welcoming team. Our priority has always been to put customers like you first. You will feel right at home in our office.

People You Can Trust

At LADD Orthodontics, we care about you and your requests. Our team of professionals truly wants to help you and ensure your experience is a success. Feel free to let us know how best to serve you. It’s our pleasure to know and treat our patients.
Dr. Emerick at Ladd Orthodontics is shown here discussing the different types of occlusions (bites) patients present with. Braces are very effective at correcting both over and under bites, and readjusting your teeth into perfect alignment. Give the Ladd Orthodontics team a call today at 765-453-2300 to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Emerick. Learn what braces or Invisalign can do for you!